Vermont Licensed Property Inspectors are required to follow specific Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics under 26 V.S.A. §§ 1051-1095. These Standard Operating Procedures and Code of Ethics can be viewed by clicking here.


There are several opportunities for financing historic preservation available through the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation including tax credits and grants.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission. Help keep your family safe by checking product recalls and safety news from CPSC.

The multi-faceted mission of the Vermont Public Safety Division of Fire Safety is to protect the public and the fire service with coordinated efforts in code enforcement, fire service training, public education, hazardous materials and incident investigation thereby reducing the loss of life and property due to fire and other emergencies in the State of Vermont.

The American Ground Water Trust is a non-profit education organization dedicated to providing accurate information about water resources and water wells to homeowners.

Important information from the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding:

Lead in your home

Radon in your home

Asbestos in your home

The Vermont Department of Health is proud to continue a long tradition of public health service in Vermont. They are the state’s leading agency for public health policy and advocacy.

A guide relating to asbestos exposure and Mesothelioma can be found at