Why should you join our organization? We think the motives for membership are positive for any Home Inspector interested in furthering their professional standing and potential. Beneficial advantages of VAPHI membership include:

  • Membership, by definition, is a statement of your dedication to excellence. Active membership is even better.

  • Membership in VAPHI has the makings to substantively add to your marketing efforts. A credible organization is where all participants in the real estate industry can confidently look for a sound, qualified specialist.

  • Membership includes an online forum for discussuion and information exchange. Ready contact with other inspectors in a resource that we welcome.

  • Membership means continuing education. We regularly include speakers and presenters at our meetings.

Membership in VAPHI is, in effect, a vehicle in which you can further your own professionalism. The incentive of maintaining our reqiurements is the path to this goal.

We believe our goal of providing an outstanding service is best achieved by educated professionals who are pledged to Standards and Ethics. VAPHI has been, and continues to be, instrumental in the development of standards of practice for Vermont home inspectors by virtue of VAPHI’s membership requirements. Contact one of our members or Officers if you are interested and have questions, and we invite you to attend a meeting with no obligation – just to see what we’re all about!

Our requirements for membership raise the bar in the Home Inspection trades in Vermont, but are no more stringent than any other State that requires licensure for the industry.  One of the main reasons our Association is in existance is to encourage licensing of Home Inspectors in Vermont – and as a result, a bill is currently making its way through legislature.

These requirements are:

1.    Proof of 50 paid full house inspections. **

2.    Proof of Errors & Omissions Insurance (Black out areas to keep some items confidential, except for the effective dates).

3.    Write a Statement of Declaration as to which Standards of Practice; Code of Ethics is used in your business operations (NACHI, NAHI, ASHI, or other).

4.    Proof of 12 Continuing Education Credits in the last year.

5.    Proof of a comprehensive home inspection school graduation (must be accepted by at least one state) or another State’s License.

6.    Proof that you have passed a proctored Home Inspectors test accepted by at least on state, i.e., the National Home Inspection Examination, however not limited to this entity.

7.    An Inspection Agreement as used as part of your business plan at every inspection.

8.    We value participation:  Attend a minimum of 4 meetings over a 12 month period.

**Not a requirement for a Student/Associate Membership.

To prepare an application, simply click here